Eunotia pectinalis v. minor





Collection 1790a

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Authority information

(Kutz.) Rabh., Fl. Europaea Alg., sect. 1, p. 74. 1864(Patrick and Reimer 1966).

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The ventral margin is slightly concave. The dorsal margin is distinctly convex, often with two shallow undulations. The valve is somewhat narrower at the ends than at the center. The apices of the valve are rounded, somewhat narrower but not distinctly set off from the main body of the valve. The terminal nodules are near, but not at the ends of the valve, distinct but not large. The striae are straight, almost perpendicular to the ventral margin at the center of the valve, but somewhat curved at the ends(Patrick and Reimer 1966).

  • Type Locality
  • Synonyms (Patrick and Reimer 1966)
    Himantidium minus
    Himantidium veneris
    Eunotia impressa
    Eunotia pectinalis var. impressa
    Eunotia pectinalis var. minor f. impressa
  • Ecology
    This taxon is found in acid to circumneutral water, and has a high tolerance for calcium (Patrick and Reimer 1966).

    Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 20-60 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).
  • Width is 4-7 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).
  • Striae are 14-16 in number (Patrick and Reimer 1966).