Pinnularia gentilis (Donk.) Cl.


Width :38


Collection 1585a

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Authority information

Pinnularia gentilis (Donk.) Cl., K. Svenska Vet.-Akad. Handl., Ny Foljd, 27(3):92. 1895 (Patrick and Reimer 1966).

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The valve of this taxon is linear and slightly swollen in the middle and at the ends which are rounded. The axial ends are one third of the width of the valve and the central area is large and elliptical. The raphe is complex, there are terminal fissures which are distinct and shaped like a question mark. Ther terminal nodules are large. The striae are radiate in the center and convergent at the ends and crossed by a broad band. (Patrick and Reimer 1966).

  • Synonyms
    Navicula gentilis Donk., Nat. Hist. British Diat., p. 69, pl. 12, fig. 1. 1870-1873 (Patrick and Reimer 1966).

  • Ecology
    This taxon prefers lakes, ponds, bogs and water of low mineral content(Patrick and Reimer 1966).

    Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 140 to 260 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).
  • Width is 22 to 36 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).
  • Striae are 6 to 7 in 10 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).