Pinnularia globiceps Greg.




Collection 888

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Pinnularia globiceps Gregory 1856(Krammer 1992a).

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Linear with almost circular ends. Triundulate, ends without shoulders, capitate. Pole broad or slightly smaller then valve middle. Raphe is weakly lateral, not bent in middle. Centeral nodule round and relatively large. Central area rhomboid, widening to broad frascia. (Krammer 1992a).

  • Ecology
    This taxon is found in oligotrophic waters. Found in the sediment level of water bodies, rarely in water with higher electrolyte content(Krammer 1992a; Beaver 1981).

    Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 26 to 52 micrometers (Krammer 1992a).
  • Width is 5 to 7.5 micrometers (Krammer 1992a).
  • Striae are 12 to 15 in 10 micrometers (Krammer 1992a).