Pinnularia semicruciata (A.S.) A. Cleve




Collection 1788

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Pinnularia semicruciata (A.S.) A. Cleve 1895 Lule Lpm. S. 9; 1934 D. Finn. Lapl. S. 46, Fig. 61(Cleve-Euler 1955).

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This image was taken utilizing DIC.

This image was taken utilizing DIC.

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Valve elliptic, rounded ends, raphe not complex. Fissures are small and almost semi-circular. Middle usually broad, about 1/2 fascia(Cleve-Euler 1955).

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  • Synonyms
    Navicula semicruciata (stauroptera) E. Schm. Atl. 44, 43(Cleve-Euler 1955)
    Navicula viridis v. semicruciata Grun. 1882 Foss. D. Ost.-Ung. S. 143(Cleve-Euler 1955)
    Pinnularia viridis v. semicruciata Grun., (Cleve-Euler 1955).
    Pinnularia viridis v. fallax?(Cleve-Euler 1955)

  • Ecology

    Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 40 to 85 micrometers (Cleve-Euler 1955).
  • Width is 15 to 28 micrometers (Cleve-Euler 1955).
  • Striae are 10 to 14 in 10 micrometers (Cleve-Euler 1955).