Plagiotropis lepidoptera v. probasidea Cleve 1894





Collection 1553

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Authority information

(Cleve 1894) M. Peragallo 1903, p. 733 (Paddock 1988).

Other images

This image was taken utilizing DIC for the specimen above.

This is another image taken with slightly different focus. It was taken under brightfield illumination.

More information

The central area of this taxon is round and is clear. The central area ends at the foldline on the greater foldline and extends into the foldline on the lesser face. It has short, fat valves and a longitudinal foldline by most of the face. There is another foldline at each of the poles (Paddock 1988).

  • Synonyms Tropidoneis lepidopteravar. proboscidea Cl., K. Svenska Vet.-Akad. Handl., Ny Foljd, 26(2):25. 1894 (Patrick and Reimer 1975).

  • Ecology
    This taxon prefers freshwater and it likes alkaline and low cloride habitats (Paddock 1988;Patrick and Reimer 1975).

    Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 75 micrometers (Paddock 1988).
  • Width is 18 micrometers (Paddock 1988) .
  • Striae are 16 in 10 micrometers (Paddock 1988).
  • Puncta are around in 10 micrometers (Paddock 1988).