Pseudostaurosira brevistriata (Grun. in VanHeurck) Williams and Round 1987

Length: 23

Width: 4


Collection 1398

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Plate of Pseudostaurosira brevistriata SEM's. Fig. 28. Valve side view depicting single row of areolae beneath spines (1 micrometer bar). Figs. 29-31. Inside views where small apical pore fields are evident (4 micrometer bar in Figs. 29 and 30; 1 micrometer bar in Fig. 31). (courtesy of Diatom Research, Biopress, Ltd., Williams and Round 1987)

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Originally, the pictured specimen was identified as Fragilaria brevistriata as described by Patrick and Reimer 1966 , and the following information refers to this taxon.
This species grows in band-like colonies of varying lengths (Stoermer and Yang 1969).
  • Synonyms (Patrick and Reimer 1966)
    Fragilaria brevistriata Grunow in V.H. Syn. Diat. Belgique, p. 157. 1885.
  • Ecology
    Fragilaria brevistriata is tolerant of a wide range of conductivity in fresh water (Patrick and Reimer 1966). Most records from Lake Michigan are from nearshore areas; however the greatest abundances have been found in smaller mesotrophic to eutrophic lakes (Stoermer and Yang 1969).

    Size ranges and morphology

    For Fragilaria brevistriata :
  • Length is 12-28 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).
  • Breadth is 3-5 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).
  • Striae range is 13-17 per 10 micrometers (Patrick and Reimer 1966).

  • Other morphological features
    In the Great Lakes, the range for length is 10-30 micrometers and the breadth is 3-5 micrometers. The striae range is 13-16 striae in 10 micrometers (Stoermer and Yang 1969).