Staurosira sp. 4




Collection 1341a

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Based on preliminary observations and genus description of Williams and Round (1987), this variety may be more appropriate in the genus Staurosira. However, further investigation is necessary before the transfer can be made.

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Originally, the pictured specimen was identified as Fragilaria construens var. subsalina Hustedt by Stoermer and Yang (1969) and the following information refers to this taxon. The valves are linear with parallel sides. The larger specimens have somewhat protracted ends. The size and ornamentation are similar to that of the nominate variety (Stoermer and Yang 1969).
  • Synonyms (Stoermer and Yang 1969)
    Fragilaria construens var. subsalina Hustedt Mitt. geogr. Ges., Naturhist. Mus. Lubeck, 2
    Reihe 30: 106, figs. 5-8. 1925.
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