Surirella guatimalensis Ehrenberg 1854

Length: 140

Width: 88

Wing canal:35 ribs in 100

Collection 1152a

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More information

This is a scanned in image from a previous
picture of the specimen. The specimen is tilted
on the slide and dificult to get a clear picture of,
this was the best picture.

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Authority information

Surirella guatimalensis Ehrenberg 1854, 33/6, fig. 7 (VanLandingham 1978).

Other images

These are images taken from a scanning electron microscope. The offer an excellent close up view of the detials of the frustule. Clockwise they show progressively higher magnification of the frustule where there is a wing gap.

More information

The valve has heteropolar ends with a broad head pole and a more narrow foot pole. The wing projection is vague to invisible. The wing at the head pole is not continuous all the way around, rather it is interupted by a broad gap. The ribs are short and the greater part of the valve surface is flat, the wavy part is small and rib-like in appearance. The Frustule is finely striated with fine punctae that are uneven in appearance and form lingitudinal rows. (Huber-Pestalozzi 1942).


    Surirella cardinalis Kitton 1868, p. 132, fig. 133
    Novilla guatimalensis (Ehrenberg 1854) according to F. W. Mills 1934, p. 1245
    (VanLandingham 1978).

Size ranges and morphology

  • Length is 100 to 240 micrometers (Huber-Pestalozzi 1942).
  • Width is 60 to 110 micrometers (Huber-Pestalozzi 1942).
  • Wing canal has 25 to 35 ribs in 10 micrometers (Huber-Pestalozzi 1942).