Surirella linearis var. constricta Grunow

Length: 61

Width: 17

Wing canal:20 to 30 ribs in 100

Collection 1159

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Authority information

Surirella linearis var. constricta Grunow 1862, p. 455 (VanLandingham 1978).

More information

The valve view shows isopolar ends, they are blunt, circular and sometimes slightly cuneately. The middle is pinched is. The valve view is rectangular with curved ends. The wing is narrow but more or less definite. (Hustedt 1930).

Ecological distribution

Found in lakes, ponds, rivers, lagoons, springs/ streams, pools, swamps, and terrestrially. pH: Acidobiontic, acidophilous, indifferent, alkailphilous, alkalibiontic. (Beaver 1981).


    Surirella linearis Wm. smith 1853, 8/58 a" (non 8/58 a, a)
    Surirella tenella var. cinstricta Woodhead et Tweed 1960, p. 145
    Surirella constricta Schumann 1862, p. 185, 8/19 ( )
    Surirella linearis f. constricta(Grunow 1862) Hustedt 1957, p. 360
    (VanLandingham 1978)