Surirella linearis var. helvetica(Brun) Meister 1912

Length: 96

Width: 31

Wing canal:20 ribs in 100

Collection 841

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Authority information

Surirella linearis var. helvetica(Brun 1880) Meister 1912, p. 223, 41/6 (VanLandingham 1978).

More information

The valve is flatly constructed with numerous small relatively long spines. Sometimes they are highly concentrated near the undelations. They are eratic and spread out over the valve face. The Wing projection is very pronounced, like the nominant variety. (HREF="../../references/references.html#Krammer and Lange-Bertalot (2/2) 1988">Krammer and Lange-Bertalot 1988).

Ecological distribution

Found in lakes, ponds, rivers, springs/ streams, lagoons, swamps, and terrestrially. pH: Acidobiontic, acidophilous, indifferent, alkailphilous, alkalibiontic. (Beaver 1981).


    Surirella helveticaBurn 1880, p. 100, 2/4, 9/28
    Surirella turgida var. lanceolataWislouch et Kolbe 1916, p. 264, 3/4, tab. nostr. 2/34; Kolbe 1927, p. 105, 2/34
    Surirella vanwilderenianaKrenner 1926, p. 117, 12/91-92 (e. p.)
    (VanLandingham 1978).