Surirella ovata var. pinnata (Ehr.) Hust.

Length: 102

Width: 39

Striae: 100

Costae: 20

Collection 1236

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Authority information

Surirella ovata var. pinnata (Wm. Smith 1853) Brun 1880, p. 98, 2/5 (VanLandingham 1978).

More information

This variaty is probably the same as Surirella ovata except smaller. It has a linear ovoid valve with almost straight sides. (Hustedt 1930)

Ecological distribution

Found in lakes, ponds, rivers, springs/ streams, pools, and swamps. pH: Acidobiontic, acidophilous, indifferent, alkailphilous, alkalibiontic. (Beaver 1981).

Synonyms Surirella pinnata Wm. Smith 1853, p. 33, 30/258
(VanLandingham 1978)