1851. Algal growths in a small stream emptying into Lake Atitlan at Panajachel, 9 Feb. 1970, ex E. J. Fee.

1852. Rock scrape from slab of concrete in shallow water of Lake Atitlan at Panajachel, 9 Feb. 1970, ex E. J. Fee.

1853. Thick diatom growths from rock surfaces in shallow water near hot springs on the southern shore of the west basin of Lake Amatitlan, 6 Feb. 1970, ex E. J. Fee.

1854. Same as 1853.

1855. Rio Maria Linda. 9042'W x 1441'N, 4 March 1970. 10 km SW of Brite, Guatemala. Elevation 19 m. River very swift and turbid (a typical lowland stream, much like the Des Moines River below Des Moines). Shifting sand bottom with a few patches of bedrock. Water temp. 31 C. Epipelic sample from shallow mud area along shore, ex E. J. Fee.

1856. Same as 1855. Epipelic sample from swift water, ex E. J. Fee.

1857. Scraping from surface of concrete holding wall forming a large pool from a large spring. 2 March 1970. Finca El Salto 9045'W x 1418'N. 5 km E of Esquintla, Guatemala, Elev. 600 m. Water temp. 24 C., total hardness 53 ppm CaC03, pH - 7, ex E. J. Fee.

1858. Lake Amatitlan, 4 Feb. 1970. Sponge growing in shallow water on the south shore of the western basin. Water temp. 21.0 C, ex E. J. Fee.

1859. Epipelic and epilithic samples from a small unnamed stream on the Finca El Salto. 9045'W x 1418'N. 1 March 1970. Stream about 1 m wide and 0.1 m deep. Elev. 600 m, water temp. 24.6 C, ex E. J. Fee.

1860. Rio Metapa, 9042'W x 1416'N. At the southern tip of Finca El Salto; 10 km SE of Esquintla, Guatemala. Elev. 275 m, water temp. 23 C, Epipelic diatoms from shallow parts along shore. 3 March 1970, ex E. J. Fee.

1861. Rio Michatoya, 9040'W x 148'N. 3 km S of Brito, Guatemala. Elev. 40 m. Total hardness, 170 ppm CaCO3, pH - 7.8, alkalinity - 2.42 meq. Temp. 28 C. Collection from rocks in swift water. Stream about 40 m wide and 1 m deep, almost exclusively sand bottom, 4 March 1970, ex E. J. Fee.

1862. Lake Amatitlan. 3 Feb. 1970. Filamentous algae and other gook attached to rocks in shallows in the east basin just inside the bridge connection with the west basin. Water temp. - 22 C, ex E. J. Fee.

1863. Rio Metapa at the southern tip of Finca El Salto. 9042.5'W x 1416'N, 10 km S.E. of Esquintla Guatemala. Water temp: 23C. Elev. 275 m. Rock scrape from the fastest part of the stream; water very swift, indeed, 3 Mar. 1970, ex E. J. Fee.

1864. Rio Metapa as in 1863. Rock scrape from less swift water, ex E. J. Fee.