Past contributors to the Great Lakes Diatom Home Page...

Marinette Gonzalez B.S. University of Michigan. Interests in biomedical and DNA research, and the diatom genera Tabellaria.
Heather Carleton University of Michigan. Research interests are cell biology, microbiology, and the diatom genera Rhopalodia.
Adam Koch University of Michigan computer science major. Primary interests are computer programming and web page development. Diatom interest is Pinnularia.
Christopher Donar B.S. Eastern Michigan University, M.S. Eastern Michigan University. Previous research in reservoir paleolimnology. Just beginning work on diatom cell biology and paleolimnological reconstruction.
Alex Alger B.S. University of Colorado. Just beginning work on diatom systematics. Previous research has been on algal communities in Antarctic streams.
Rebecca Williams
University of Michigan. Research interests include Epithemia and she constructed the Mongolian Diatom Homepage.
Laura Cyrocki
B.S. University of Michigan. A multitude of interests including Didymosphenia.
Neel Varde
University of Michigan. Research interests are in chemical engineering/materials science, Sanskrit, and the diatom genus Eunotia.
Gabrielle Tamaska Freshmen, University of Michigan. School of Natural Resources. From Colorado. Chief interests include the diatom generaSurirella, Thalassiosira and Epithemia. Future goals include the studying of large cats.
Becky Bixby B.S. Albion College, M.S. University of Cincinnati. Just beginning work on the Great Lakes. Previous research in paleoecology.
Matt Julius B.S. Butler University, M.S. University of Michigan. Primary interests are evolutionary rates and processes. Current research is on the genus Cyclotella bodanica group within the genus Cyclotella.

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