Hebrew Media Class - Fall, 1998

Instructor:  Professor Edna Amir Coffin
Email address:  eacoffin@umich.edu
2074 Frieze Building
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 1:30-2:30
Office phone number:  (734) 764-8103

Course Objectives
 Acquaintance with current political and cultural events central to Israeli society
 through reading the news in newspapers, the Internet and viewing television news.
 Acquisition of vocabulary and language skills for communications in this field.

Course Materials
 Course materials are current news articles, television news and sites on the Internet.

To print Internet Hebrew materials from Windows, you have to install a Hebrew font in
your system and copy the text to a word processor, and then print out.
Open this link: FONTS.ZIP.  Copy the fonts to C:\windows\fonts.  Now the fonts are
installed in your computer.  Restart the computer.
Now you can copy the article to your word processor, align it from right to left,
select the entire text, and change the font to FrankRuehl and then print it out.

 Students are responsible for assignments that will be given at the end of each class.
 The completion and handing of homework on time is mandatory. Students who miss classes
 are responsible to get the necessary information about assignments from their classmates.

Attendance and Class Participation
 You are expected to attend each class. Make sure to let your professor know either by
 e-mail or by a voice message if you cannot attend class. You will be responsible for class

Final Project
The final project this term will be a script and storyboard for an information video on a particular
topic of interest.  It should be based on research and investigation of the topic, and its target
audience should be the university community.  The sources for the projected video should include
news articles and video news seen in class, other materials found on the internet or in news magazines.
The final project will include script,pictures and images, political slogans and advertisements.  The script
can include quotes or longer news items for Israeli newspapers.

The outline of the project is due on November 18, the first draft is
due on Wednesday December 2, and the final draft is due on December 16.
The work will be done in pairs - individual and group evaluations will be given.
The length of the project should be between 12-15 pages.

Personal Portfolio
 Every student has to keep a personal portfolio, which includes compositions assigned for
 class, quizzes and examination and other class projects. This portfolio will be handed to
 the professor at the end of the semester, to allow for taking your individual progress
 into account.

 Your final grade will be based on your performance in class, on three written tests, on
 occasional quizzes, and other projects assigned in class.

 Aside from the regular university holidays, there will no classes on Rosh Hashana,
 Sept. 21 and Yom Kippur, Sept. 30. There will be an evening class that will be given
 instead of the classes canceled for the Jewish holidays.

Important Dates:
First test              Monday             October 4, 1999
Second test           Monday             November 10 1999
Take -home test      due Wednesday    December 8, 1999


Project Outline     Wednesday, November 3, 1999
First Draft          Monday,  November 8, 1998
Finished project    Monday   December 6, 1998
Hand-in Portolio    Friday    December 10, 1998

Assignments Part 1 - up to first test on October 4:

Assignments Part 2 - up to second test on November 10