Pressing a CD ROM

File location:

Preliminaries. Generally speaking, make sure that you are not hooked to the network. Pull the Netware plug and start your machine. Although the CD presser has worked in the past with the network on, it is behaving so crummy lately that better not to take any chances.

Delete loose files in the media hard drive (D). There should be no files there. If there are any, ask around. If time is pressing, move these files elsewhere, inform the suspects about what you have done.

Defragment (Start/Programs/Accesories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter). If you get an error, follow the instructions for Scan Disc).

Copy your files to D.

For installation disks, copy the installation files and the video files. Make sure that the installation files are on the root . Make sure that the video files and media files your application uses reside in D in the root or in directories where your aplications will be able to find them (because they are hardwired or because flame.ini directs them to do so)

For other uses (as video or other media storage and playback), just copy the files in question. Again, make sure that the structure of your file system in D matches what you want the CD to look like. If your apps pull video from (CD):\video\ but your files are in the root of D before you press, well...

Start /Programs/HP SureStore/Easy CD 95

Choose Edit/Start Explorer

Select the files you want to copy to the CD

Drag to the Easy CD Window.

Double check the file list.

Press the red button on the top.

You will be prompted about how many CDs you want to make. Choose 1. The batch maker was not working well when I used it in the winter of 96.

Wait and you may be rewarded.