Digitizing Audio from anything.

File location:


Connect source to Audio Blaster. If source is a tape, connect to Line In jack, if a microphone, to Microphone jack. In the first case you will need to bring the two RCA ends into a Y stereo mini adapter.


Play source 

Digitize Audio. Before you begin. Delete previous audio files from drive D and then defragment. (Start/Programs/Accesories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter). If you get an error, follow the instructions for Scan Disc) The following instructions are guidelines for producing capturing video to be played in a 6X CD. Adjust the settings as you see fit.

Open any application which can record. The Recorder applet in Win 95 is sufficient. (Start/Accesories/Multimedia/Sound Recorder).

Set the filename (File menu) (Use d: as destination).

Start recording

Stop recording

Play to check out. If satisfied:

Save As (File menu). Set Audio format in the choices (click on Change and pick out something). Some rough guidelines: 8 bit mono 22Kz is a good median compromise solution. Anything lower grates, anything higher eats up space and resources.


Edit Audio. Get a decent audio editor. I suggest GoldWave (see Documantation section of freeware)


Open the file you want to edit.

To Trim, or to apply effects or filters to a specific area of the file (as it will be displayed in the graph), use left and right buttons to select the area. Left sets In, right sets Out. Selected area is highlighted in blue. Hit Delete.

To up the volume. Select area or whole file. Choose Volume from Effects Menu.

You can also change the sampling rate (Effects Menu). If you have captured correctly to begin with you do not need to.