Digitizing Video from a VCR, a videodisc player, a camera, whatever.

File location:


Connect source to digitizing board. 

Camera: from video out, may need to find and put a converter from locking metal cable plug to RCA. From there an RCA to the digitizing board. To do simultaneous audio the best thing is to run a microphone into the microphone jack of the Sound Blaster Board (instead of running a cable from the camera). More control, better quality.

 Videodisc player and VCR: RCA from the Video out of the machine to the digitizing board. Audio from Audio out of the machine to the Sound Blaster line in jack. For this last you will need to bring the two RCA ends into a Y stereo mini adapter.

Play source 

Camera: look at the manual 

VCR: push play button with tape in the VCR

Videodisc player: you may want to control the VP with one machine and capture with the other. To do this open a TBK application in the controlling machine which allows you to set numbers. Set the numbers. Play them. Video and audio cables go to digitizing machine. RS232 goes to controlling machine.



Digitize Video.

Before you begin. Delete previous video files from drive D and then defragment. (Start/Programs/Accesories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter). If you get an error, follow the instructions for Scan Disc) The following instructions are guidelines for producing capturing video to be played in a 6X CD. Adjust the settings as you see fit.

Open Digital Video Producer Capture (In Micron, Start/Programs/Digital Video Producer/Digital Video Producer Capture)

Set the filename (File menu) (Use d: as destination).

Allocate file space (File menu)

Set Audio and Video formats. (Options menu). Some rough guidelines:
Audio: 8 bit mono 22Kz is a good median compromise solution. Anything lower grates, anything higher eats up space and resources.
Video: Use Intel R3.2 compression. If you click on the Details button you may set the Video Data Rate or the Quality. The first one depends on the machines (CD ROM players) of the target audience. The faster the CD player, the more data rate one can get away with.

Set the Capture Settings (Capture Menu)
Frame rate 20, capture to memory, Capture Audio. Leave other at default.


Start the capturing process before you start the video proper. You may trim excess later.

Click on capture video button (Third Group from left, third button from left)

Stop when appropriate (by hiting Escape) 

Still Capture. Use Digital Video Producer Capture again.  

Do not bother with all the settings.

Advance video to where you want it. If using camera, point it at what you want, light it as you see best, focus it, etc.)

Click on the Capture Frame button (Third Group from left, first button from left)

Form the File Menu, choose Save Single Frame As. You will be allowed to save it only as a BMP or DIB file.