NAPH Members can participate in a variety of NAPH sponsored events and receive several NAPH related publications as described below.

Hebrew Studies: Nationally recognized scholarly journal. The last issue (volume 33) contained 6 learned articles reflecting ancient, medieval and modern topics and 33 reviews of recent works. Fred Greenspahn, Editor. University of Denver, Center for Judaic Studies, Denver, CO 80208-0292. For further information contact Fred Greenspahn.

Iggeret: Professional newsletter issued twice annually (spring and fall). Includes notes on NAPH meetings and conferences, the scholarly activities of NAPH members, recent significant publications, current academic openings, post graduate fellowships and grants for the summer or sabbatical study and research, national and international conferences general cultural programs in the United States and abroad. Zev Garber, Editor. Los Angeles Valley College, 5800 Fulton Avenue,Van Nuys, CA 91401

Bulletin of Higher Hebrew Education: Annual publication devoted to methodology and pedagogy of university teaching of modern and biblical Hebrew. Rina Donchin, Editor. University of Illinois, 4088 Foreign Language Bldg., Urbana, IL 61801. For further information please contact

NAPH Members Directory: Directory of all current NAPH members contact information and areas of specialization.

National Sessions: NAPH holds an annual autumn session of papers and deliberations in conjunction with the national convention of SBL/AAR.

Methodology Conference: NAPH holds an annual spring conference on issues related to university teaching of Hebrew language and literature.

Regional Activities: NAPH members meet regionally in the spring to present papers and deliberate on scholarly topics and teaching techniques.

Papers-Presented or Published: NAPH members receive first call to propose papers for presentation at national or regional sessions and to submit papers for possible publication in Hebrew Studies.

Eta Beta Rho: National honorary society for distinguished Hebrew students.