Hi Edna!

I had some spare time and found a CD of  Summer Encounters (which I really should return) so I put this together. I have been doing some intesting things with RealMedia. It is not really appropriate for language learning (bad video) but shows promise.

You will need the RealPlayer G2 player (from www.real.com) to view these. I captured them at the highest possible quality, for use from a teworked computer at the university itself. It will not work at all with a modem.  I have just tried it out and it looks pretty good.

The best part of this is that the tools to create it are all free and available, and that the media resides in the normal ~proflame directory.  I put the RealMedia files, as well as the metafiles and this file you are reading in ~proflame/Public/html/real/summer/  of which, of course, you are an administrator.


Well, this was fun.