Here are the files needed. To save locally and install, right click on the link and choose "Save link as".

russ 1.exe: --> Unit 1 files, runtime

Place in Desktop, extract (by doble clicking) to an new empty folder (call it russtemp) in the desktop

Installing the files

  1. Go to folder Set4_8 in the russtemp desktop folder
  2. Click on setup.exe

Installing the fonts

  1. Open Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts and File/Install New Font.
  2. Navigate to russtemp folder in desktop, then final\fonts, click Select All and then Install.

Installing settings file

  1. Go to russtemp folder in the desktop
  2. Move flame.ini to Windows system directory

For Win 95 and 98

Place in c:\windows directory

For Win NT

Place in c:\winnt (will need admin access)