Project FLAME: Research and Awards


Project FLAME's research team, working during the first phase of the project, focused on two key questions:
(1) How does the use of the Teacher's Partner multimedia materials change the foreign language classroom?
(2) How does the use of the Learner's Partner affect the student's acquisition of foreign language?


The Spanish applications, México Vivo, based on the Public Media, Inc. videodisc series, and the French applications, Quinze Minutes, based on the Encyclopedia Britannica videodisc series are available through Heinle & Heinle, Inc. A description of the México Vivo applications can be found in the Fall 1994 issue of Educators' Tech Exchange. The article, entitled, "México Vivo, A Foreign Language Multimedia Application," was written by Edna A. Coffin, Stacie Hibino, and Gonzalo Silverio. Edna A. Coffin also wrote an article titled "Foreign Language Applications in the Multimedia Environment" which can be found in IBM Multimedia, Supplement to T.H.E. Journal, September 1991.


Edna Amir Coffin, project director, was the recipient of the 1989 EDUCOM Distinguished Foreign Language Award, and together with developers Stacie Hibino and Gonzalo Silverio, received the 1993 EDUCOM Best Humanities Curriculum Innovation Award for the México Vivo application. In 1994, Project FLAME received three federal grants - two from the United States Department of Education and one from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The project also received internal support from the College of Literature, Science, & the Arts at The University of Michigan.

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