The Learner's Partner

The Learner's Partner is an interactive individual tutorial model for use by students at individual workstations. The Learner's Partner modules are intended to introduce new subject matter as well as compliment materials presented to the class through the use of the Teacher's Partner. Learners navigate through lessons and work on their language skills. The lessons are self-paced, include feedback on performance, and are designed to respond to the varying needs of different learners. LP applications are being developed in Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, German, and Hebrew.

The following description was based on the Spanish Learner’s Partner México Vivo but it also applies to the German, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, and French LPs.

Each Unit features functional language and conversation segments, Conversaciones, in addition to in-depth cultural explorations, Reportajes. These units are subdivided into video chapters called Lessons. Each lesson includes activities from among: View & Listen, Listen & Read, Vocabulary in Context, Comprehension, Listen & Record, Listen & Write, Role Play, In Other Words, Let's Write and Moving On, which are described in further detail below.

Table of Contents

From the Table of Contents menu, you can access the different available lessons by simply clicking on one of the lesson titles. After clicking a button, a yellow check mark appears to show you which lessons have been viewed so you can keep track of your progress. (These check marks can be dismissed by clicking the square grey button in the lower left corner of the video window.) Lessons are divided into two categories: Conversaciones and Reportajes. The Conversaciones lessons are based on video segments which feature functional language and conversation segments; e.g. people learning to take a taxi or buy a plane ticket. TheReportajes segments are based on video segments which feature in-depth cultural explorations; e.g. people discussing indigenous art or herbal medicine. The Check Progress button accesses a progress chart showing your name and how much time, in seconds, you have spent on each activity. The Clear Progress button allows you to start over, and the Menu button at the lower right corner returns you to the Table of Contents Menu screen. The Exit button allows you to exit the program when you have finished.

View and Listen

View and Listen allows you to watch and listen to the video in segments or as a whole and can be shown with a transcription of the dialogue. This video provides the central focus for the rest of the activities.

General Guidelines:

You are provided a list of all words found in the different units. The words are listed alphabetically and accompanied by a definition and sentence in both English and Spanish using the word in context. You can access these definitions in two ways: When you are finished using the dictionary, click anywhere else on the page of the application to remove it from the screen. To close the Dictionary, click on the button in the top left corner of the dictionary and then select the Close menu item.
Listen & Read

Listen & Read breaks down the dialogues from the previous section into individual lines of transcription. This section allows you to check your listening comprehension by identifying the line of dialogue that you have heard spoken.

General Guidelines:

Vocabulary in Context

The Vocabulary in Context section allows you to review selected words from the lesson by listening to the video segment in which the word is used. You then try to match the word with the appropriate picture among those provided.

General Guidelines:


The Comprehension section provides a video segment and a series of content-based questions. After listening to the audio, you choose the correct answer to the written question from among the four or five given responses.

General Guidelines:

Listen and Record

The Listen and Record section allows you to practice your pronunciation by recording sentences spoken by native speakers of Spanish.

General Guidelines:

Listen & Write

The Listen & Write section allows you to practice your written Spanish by transcribing sentences spoken by native speakers of Spanish.

General Guidelines:

Role Play

In the Role Play activity, you will provide the dialogue of one person in a conversation.

General Guidelines:

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