Laboratory Facilities

The laboratory is well equiped with standard spectroscopic and molecular biology instrumentation.  In addition, numerous other experimental techniques are available from within the Biophysics Research Division and the Chemistry Department at the University of Michigan.

Molecular Biology techniques are routinely used to express new mutants of recombinant proteins.  Isolation and
characterization is performed by FPLC, HPLC and other standard chromotography procedures.

HPLC is used to isolate fluorescently labeled from unlabeled peptide. In addition, determining the proteolytic cleavage of pattern of proteins is used to monitor stable regions of proteins.
Steady State Fluorescence Instrumentations provides sensitive measure of complex systems.  Here,  tyrosine
fluorescence at high pH demonstrates several distinct

Stopped flow instrumentation
Circular Dichroism Spectrometer
   Analysis of protein secondary structure is commonly accomplished by measuring the far ultraviolet chiral absorbance of the peptide backbone. The folding of proteins can be precisely followed.
Stopped Flow Instrumentation
    Millisecond resolution of enzyme kinetics are done with an OLIS RS-1000 multi-wavelength Stopped-Flow instrument.  Single Value Decomposition (SVD) software allows the determination of rate constants and identification of species in a complex reaction.