Schedule of Topics

Week #3 9/20   General Topic: Social Cognition

    Suggestions: heuristics, schemas, automatic processing

Week #4 9/27  General Topic: Social Perception
    Suggestions: thought accessibility, self-fulfilling prophecy, attribution
     Journals will be collected today to be reviewed, not graded

Week #5 10/4   General Topic: Attribution
    Suggestions: FAE, actor/observer effect, cultural differences

Week #6 10/11   General Topic: The Self

    Suggestions: social-comparison, misattribution, self-handicapping

Week #7 10/18  General Topic: Dissonance and the Self
    Suggestions: cognitive dissonance, self-affirmation, self-discrepancy
Week #8 10/25  General Topic: Attitudes & Emotions
    Suggestions: persuasion, attitude change, reactance

Week #9 11/1   General Topic: Conformity & Compliance
    Suggestions: obedience, minority influence, foot-in-the-door technique

Week #10 11/8   General Topic: Group Processes
    Suggestions: social facilitation, deindividuation, group polarization

Week #11 11/15   General Topic: Attraction
    Suggestions: "what is beautiful is good," mere exposure, role of similarity

Week #12 11/22   General Topic: Close Relationships
    Suggestions: equity theory, different types of love, social exchange

Week #13 11/29   General Topic: Prosocial Behavior
    Suggestions: altruism, effects of mood, kin selection
     Journals with all 11 entries are due at the end of section today

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