Marketing & Persuasion Exercise            PSYC 380

Each group should have 3 or 4 ads.  One ad at a time, go through the following questions and discuss them.

1.  What product does this ad attempt to market, and where is the ad from?

2.  To which component(s) of attitudes (e.g., affective, behavioral, cognitive) does this ad appeal?  How can you tell?  Do you think this was a good strategy for this product/audience?

3.  What route of persuasion do the advertisers seem to use (e.g., central/systematic route vs. peripheral/heuristic, pp. 246-7)?  Was that a good choice?  Specifically, what central or peripheral cues are used?

4.  Does the ad attempt to describe the source of its product information (e.g., "dentists agree thatÖ" or "experts suggestÖ?"  Do these sources come off as credible and/or attractive (see table on p. 247)?

5.  What about the communication itself (again, see p. 247)-- are the arguments weak/ strong, one-sided/two-sided, overt/implied, or not present at all?  Were these good choices?

6.  What about the target of the communication (p. 247)?  Who are the advertisers targeting, how can you tell, and was that a good decision?  How might this ad be different if directed towards an audience from a more interdependent culture?

7.  How are other concepts, like dissonance or emotions, relevant to your analysis?

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