Psychology 370-001
Introduction to Psychopathology

Fall 2001
University of Michigan

Monday and Wednesday 9-11am • 1324 East Hall


Instructor Information

Dr.James Hansell

Office Hours: Monday 11-12:30

2254 East Hall


Mailbox: 2229 East Hall

Course Description

This course is an introductory overview of abnormal psychology.


Lecture Topics

Concept of Abnormality
Explanation: Principles and Theories

Assessment and Diagnosis
Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Substance Related Disorders
Eating Disorders
Sexual Disorders
Mood Disorders




Psychopathology Links

META-SITES -- these organize links to other resources

Indiana University SouthEast InfoCenter: Topics in Clinical Psychology
Links to other sites, organized by specific disorder.

Clinical Psychology Resources --
Nice list of other www resources, with some annotation. Check out Disorders and Journals as good places to start looking for specific subjects. Some Journals have articles, others are just advertisements (or abstracts).

Mega Psych Home Page
A meta-site specifically for use by Psych faculty and students. Includes a listing of newsgroups and discussion groups in addition to web pages, electronic journals, a games page. The "psych bookmarks" has everything except psychopathology -- small lists, nicely screened. "Web Sites of Note" will lead to another list of meta-sites.

American Psychoanalytic Association


Mental Health Net:
Another meta-site with links to WWW resources by subject. The site contains a mixture of scholarly and more personal sites. Use your judgement about the accuracy, currency and source of information. You can browse, but you might want to try using the local search engine, or their alphabetical
disorders and treatment index.

Cyber-Psych Online
A well-organized meta-site with links to information ranging from Psychology Schools to Domestic Abuse. Interesting philosophy that psychological services can sometimes be provided online.



Adult Abnormal Behavior: Oxford College
Home page for Kenneth Carter's psychopathology class at Oxford College.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
Their "disorders", "medication" and "research" sections contain a long lists of articles, Q&A, news clippings, press releases, NAMI position statements and more.

National Institute for Mental Health
publications section includes specific disorders such as Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive, Panic, Bipola r, Depression, Eating disorders, ADH, Alzheimers, LD, and Schizophrenia.

American Psychological Association
APA Psych Net
These two sites from the American Psychological Association offer a wealth of information. Explore above or jump to specific resources here:

APA Monitor online -- the APA's journal is a good way to follow current issues in Psychology.

APA Journals -- links to journal web pages, some with a psychopathology focus. No full text available here, but many have citations and abstracts for current issues.

PsychInfo -- the popular psychology research database. Of course, this is also available on MIRLYN at UM, but you may like the web interface.

PsychCrawler -- a psychology-specific search engine. Still being tested.

Public information resources offers APA perspectives on various issues, including some psychopathology issues.

Career Resources for psychology students.

Depression and Anxiety Journal (formerly Anxiety)
Tables of contents, citations and abstracts (NO ARTICLES -- YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO GO TO THE LIBRARY TO GET THE ARTICLES) on depression and anxiety research.

Self-Help and Psychology Magazine: Depression and Anxiety
Information from a variety of sources with a popular focus. Includes
Psychology Cartoons! They're copywritten. Look, but don't take unless you ask permission.

Psychiatric Times
Mental health magazine with a popular focus. Their
Disorders page has information arranged by specific disorder.

Last Update: August 16, 2001