Group Project 2

Research Project on Health Related Issue

As a major requirement for the course students are required to complete a research project and write a research article dealing with an important issue in health psychology. This project should be completed as a group project. This project should include identifying an important health issue related to the college population; designing a research study including developing appropriate measures; implementing a strategy for recruiting participants; and employing a data analysis strategy. At the conclusion of the project, students are required to write a research article detailing the results of the study.

As an initial step in the process, each group is required to turn in a 1- page prospectus detailing the research topic, a brief discussion of why the study is important, a description of the research plan (including a strategy for recruiting participants), and a time-line for the study. Each group must also turn in a draft of their questionnaire with their prospectus. The prospectus and measures are due in class on Feb. 21.

The final paper should be formatted as follows:

The final paper is due at 9:00 in class on April 18. Late papers will be severely penalized.


Format of the Final Paper

Introduction (Suggested 5 to 7 pages)

Method (Suggested 2 to 4 pages)

Results (Suggested 1 to 3 pages)

Discussion (Suggested 3 to 5 pages)