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Note: This is still pretty tentative on 6 Aug, 2001, so it'll probable change.


Moderator (TBA): Introduction and opening remards

Science behind GM (genetically modified) foods: University of Michigan faculty member (TBA)
Since this symposium is aimed at a very broad audience, we felt that a quick (15 min or so) talk about the science behind genetic engineering would get everybody on the same page in terms of vocabulary and explaining what is and is not actually possible using modern science.

The potential benefits of GM foods outweigh the risks: (Prof. David Douches, MSU)
Prof. Douches will be presenting the 'pro' side of Golden Rice (and GM foods).

The potential risks of GM foods outweigh the benefits: (Dr. Stan Cox, Land Institute, Salina, KS)
Dr. Cox will be presenting the 'con' side of the Golden Rice issue.

Policy (TBA)
This segment is intended to help everyone understand how the government takes these ethical arguments into account (or fails to take them into account) when deciding on policy issues.

Round Table Discussion
This is our (the audience's) chance to ask the three main speakers questions about their point-of-view, their assumptions, their cost/benefit analysis, and anything else that we might find interesting.

There'll be coffee breaks and such in here, too.

Co-sponsors of the Student Pugwash GM food forum:
The University of Michigan Life Science, Values, and Society Program
Monsanto Corporation
Ann Arbor People's Food Co-op

Oddly enough, there are two other groups (School of Public Health and the International Institute) here at UMich host symposia delving into other aspects of GM foods. Here are their sites:
Evaluating the Impact of Genetically Engineered Food on the Health and Economy of Rural Populations