Professor Jing Sun and her research lab are dedicated to support advanced research and graduate education on marine and automotive system control and optimization. Research activities of the Lab are centered around dynamic system modeling, control algorithm development, and optimization methodology development with a unique focus on marine and automotive propulsion and energy system applications. Computational efficiency and real-time implementation of optimization-based control algorithms have been the main research theme in the past 5 years. Research projects conducted in the Lab range from energy management systems for all-electric ships, maneuvering of marine surface vessel in nonlinear wave fields, to combined heat and power systems using fuel cells and gas turbines and adaptive control for automotive powertrain systems.

In addition, the team is conducting research on the general real-time optimization and adaptation methodology and algorithms that are overarching several project domains. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art real-time simulation and control rapid prototyping technologies. An 8-node Opal-RT simulator and several programmable power supplies and loads form a reconfigurable platform for real-time simulation, control rapid prototyping and optimization algorithm validation. The Lab currently receives funding from ONR, NSF, US Army, GE Energy, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Ford Motor Company.

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