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Again, please note the following:

This form is to be used solely by individuals, companies, or government agencies interested in having their internet resource added or information updated on the listings available on this site. Comments regarding this site should be directed to the comment form and radiation and health physics related questions should be directed to the Health Physics Society’s Question and Answer forum. An effort will be made to add all submitted sites that are beneficial to this resource, however this does not guarantee that all requests will be added. If you experience any difficulties, you may e-mail your request to: hpswebadmin@umich.edu, with the Subject line as "Addition/Update Request." Thank you for your submission.il address is correct. Thank you again.

NOTE: Confirmations will be sent via e-mail when an addition or update is made, therefore it is important to verify that the submitted e-mail is valid

Completion of fields in red are REQUIRED:


E-mail Address:


URL of Requested Site to be Added:


The Information Index category the site is best listed under:


Brief Description of the Site: (Less than 100 words.)


Please check your e-mail address.

Thank you for your submission. It may take a week or more before the addition will be made. Also, for verification of the addition please ensure that your e-mail address is correct. Thank you again.







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