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Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society

at the

University of Michigan

The Student Chapter of the Health Physics Society of the University of Michigan began in 1993. It is a large student chapter, boasting an active membership of over 12 members. The chapter is a fully chartered arm of the National Health Physics Society and a sanctioned student organization of the University of Michigan.



Our chapter wishes to thank the many individuals for their significant contributions, comments and support for this site.

Bruce Busby
Geoff West
Sara Bernal
Edward Birdsall
The University of Michigan NERS 250 Winter 2003 Class 



The following professionals generously donated time answering question received from the Ask a Health Physicist program in prior version of this site.

Paul W. Frame, Ph.D., CHP 
David M. Hamby, Ph.D.
Jason Armstrong
Joel Baumbaugh
John Billett
Robert Boston
Will Breeden
A. B. Brill
Stephanie Bush
Patrick Byrne
John Cameron
Ray Carlson
Charles C. Chamberlain
Kristen Erickson
Paul Frame
Tom Gesell
Marvin Goldman
David Hamby
George Hofferber
Robert Holloway
Ninni Jacob
Ron Kathren
Kimberlee Kearfott
Gary H. Kramer
William A. Lorenzen
Gary Masters
Luke McCormick
Rene Michel
Michael Montes
Deanne Morris
John Moulder
David R. Nestle
Bill Pitchford
Steve Rima
Paul E. Ruhter
Roger Sit
Charles Smith
Andrew H. Thatcher
Jerry A. Thomas
Tracy N. Tipping
Lindsay Tremethick
Al Tschaeche
Richard Vetters
Mark Wrobel



Other student chapters may be found at:

Georgia Institute of Technology
Idaho State University
Lakeshore Technical
Oregon State University
Texas A&M
University of Chicago
University of Florida
University of Missouri-Columbia
University of New Mexico/New Mexico State University




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