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The following is a list of Health Physics related fellowships and scholarships that we know about and we would welcome information about any others. Most dead lines are early in the year, so you should ask for applications the fall before graduation. You should also take your GREs early in that fall.


Department of Energy Fellowships

OakRidge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

Science/Engineering Education Division
120 Badger Avenue
P.O. Box 117
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-0117
Tel - 615-576-9279
E mail - terryc@orau.gov

Dead line : Jan 30th


ORISE's SEED Division manages the following fellowships for the DOE:

Nuclear Engineering/Health Physics Fellowship
Applied Health Physics Fellowship
Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Fellowship
Fusion Research Fellowships
Global Change Fellowship

Map of the major DOE sites

NRC Fellowships

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has a fellowship program for Health Physics and it is also administered by the ORISE. Contact the address/phone listed above.

Mary Lloyd Scholarship/Fellowship Program

The DOE EM Department is sponsoring these fellowships/scholarships, which are for Associate's to MS degrees in Environmental Restoration and Waste Management. This is also being administered by the ORISE. Contact:

Science/Engineering Education Division
Mary Lloyd Scholarship/Fellowship Program
120 Badger Avenue
P.O. Box 117
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-0117
Tel - 1-800-569-7749
E mail - Lawsond@orau.gov
Attn: Debra Lawson

Dead line : May 31th

HPS Fellowship

The HPS normally has a few smaller fellowships available for graduate study.

Power Reactor Health Physics Section Scholarships

Six awards of $1,000 annually, for undergraduate students.

Sandra Hughes
Power Reactor Section
4205 Guinn Road
Knoxville, TN 37931
(615)-927-3703 (Sandra Hughes)
(717)-368-6784 (Dick Warnock, Scholarship Committee Chairman)

Deadline: June 5


NSF Fellowships

The National Science Foundation has numerous fellowships in the sciences

EPA Fellowships

The EPA has several fellowships available for Health Physics



Internships are becoming a problem to get, mainly due to down sizing of many facilities. We thought we would try and list available and recently completed internships. Anyone with an internship opportunity, or if you have just completed a worthwhile one, contact us with that information.


OakRidge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

A Map and list of the major DOE sites


Other Funding Possibilities

DOE Co-ops : Contact the local DOE personnel office and ask for their Co-op coordinator. 

For a list of DOE National Laboratories.

DOE Internships : Contact the local DOE personnel office and ask about their intern program.





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