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Help with the Web and searching the Net

If you are new to the internet and want a good guide or two to read.

If you want to search the internet for other related material with Yahoo.

If you want a list of directories of the Web.

If you want a subject list of the Web.

Or how about reviews of the top 5% of all web sites by Point Communications. The reviews are broken down by category, rates the top sites, gives a Top Ten List and a Hall of Fame.

Every need a good glossary for internet terms?


Need help setting up your helper applications? Netscape has done a nice job of putting together helper apps info available at http://home.netscape.com/assist/helper_apps/index.html, also try:

Mac- http://downloads-zdnet.com.com/2001-2003-0.html?legacy=zddl  
Windows- http://home.netscape.com/assist/helper_apps/windowhelper.html 
Unix- http://www.stokely.com/unix.sysadm.resources/shareware.www.html 
Unix -http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/

At Martindale's 'The Reference Desk', there is a ton of information and links about the Internet.


More information about Science, Radiation and Nuclear topics

Nuclear Based Homepages :

Nuclear Physics Homepage
Todd's (Cal-Berkeley)

Risk (UofM)

Radiation around us (UofM)

Radiation Terms (UofM)

Several FAQs Sites

If you want more information on radiation related fields look over our Homepage.

If you want more information on radiation, try this list of additional reading available to the public. Or you can contact your local Health Physics Society Chapter.

Or do you want information on specific radiation sources like radon, plutonium, sunlight?

Or more information on Health Physics Society

Useful web sites for Related Sciences


Additional Reading on Radiation

Please note: this is not an extensive listing of reading available, but just a short list we came up with and is not meant to endorse or promote any book. Any suggestions for inclusion here will be most welcome. Check with your local library, local HPS chapter or University Radiation Safety Office for other books, pamphlets, handouts.

General information

  1. Regulatory Guides like 8.29 : Instructions Concerning Risks From Occupational Radiation Exposure. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  2. Health Effects of Low Level Radiation by Sohei Kondo. Med. Physics Publishing
  3. The Good News About Radiation by John Lenihan. Med. Physics Publishing
  4. Good Bibliography Index


  1. Atoms, Radiation and Radiation Protection. James E. Turner. Pergamon Press.
  2. Introduction to Health Physics. Herman Cember. Pergamon Press.
  3. Radiological Health Handbook. Scinta, Inc. 2421 Homestead Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20902. Phone: 301-593-9478
  4. Environmental Radioactivity from Natural, Industrial and Military Sources 4thEdition by Merril Eisenbud and Tom Gesell, Academic Press, Inc. (now out!)
  5. Radiobiology for the Radiologist. Eric J. Hall. J.B. Lippincott Company
  6. Radiation Detection and Measurements. Glenn F. Knolls. John Wiley & Sons Second Edition
  7. Key Publications in several areas - bibliography
  8. Our Laws, Orders and Regulations web page
  9. Lists of NCRP and ICRP reports

Science and Radiation Related Publishers and Journals


Educational Resources

Radiation Safety Training
Health Physics Training
Health Physics/Radiological Tech Training
K-12 and Teacher Educational Resources
Training Videos

Radiation Safety

Analytical X-ray Machine Safety Tutorial (UIUC)
UPenn Radiation Safety Training
Basics of Radiation and Radioactivity (UofM)
Radiation Safety Training
Environment, Safety, and Health Training Page (SLAC)
UIUC Laser Safety Tutorial
GERT at Pantex
History of Radiation Protection
Information on Specific Radiation Sources (Isotopes, Radon, UV, Medical, etc.)
Radiation and Us (Short essays, information, info links)
Radiation and Risk (Short essays, information, info links)
Radiation Effects (RERF)
Radioactivity in Nature
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Health Physicist Training

1996 - IRPA - 9 Refresher Courses Textbook (GREAT REFERENCE!!!)
Principles for Evaluating Epidemiologic Data in Regulatory Risk Assessment
NIST Health Physics Training Program
American Academy of Health Physics web site (AAHP)
History of Radiation Protection
Additional Readings in the Field
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HPT/RCT Training

Radiological Control Technician (RCT) Academic Lessons
DOE Radiological Control Technician (RCT) Academic Lessons
DOE Qualification Standards
History of Radiation Protection
Information on Specific Radiation Sources (Isotopes, Radon, UV, Medical, etc.)
Radiation and Us (Short essays, information, info links)
Radiation and Risk (Short essays, information, info links)
Radiation Effects (RERF)
Radioactivity in Nature
Additional Readings in the Field
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K-12 and Teacher Training

Kid's Page for Radiation (EPA)
Teacher Resources from the NRC
Basics of Radiation and Radioactivity (UofM)
Basic Terminology (Glossary of radiation related terms)
Radiation Reassessed - The Why Files (Radiation Information)
FAQs on Radiation and Nuclear Power
History of Radiation Protection
Information on Specific Radiation Sources (Isotopes, Radon, UV, Medical, etc.)
What You Need to Know About Radiation (By Lauriston S. Taylor)
Radiation and Life (By Eric J. Hall, PhD)
Radiation and Us (Short essays, information, info links)
Radiation and Risk (Short essays, information, info links)
Radioactivity in Nature
Bill Beaty's list of educational resources
Educational Resources on the Internet (NASA)
Science and Math Education Resources on the Internet
Ask a Scientist Web Sites
Neighborhood Environmental Watch NETwork A system for involving the public in the monitoring and understanding of nuclear radiation in their environment.
Nuclear Science Teacher Activity booklet
Candace C. Davison and Lois W. Lunetta, editor.

For many summers the Radiation Science and Engineering Center at Penn State has been the site of a Nuclear Concepts and Technological Issues Institute for secondary school science teachers. As a culminating activity of the institute teachers develop lesson plans, laboratory experiments, demonstrations, or other activities and projects to take with them for use in their own science classrooms.

This booklet contains twenty especially creative, unusual, or well designed projects selected from those devised during recent summers, with the hope that they may prove useful to other science teachers in their classrooms. Many of the activities are very simple and appropriate for various classes and grade levels. A few are more complex and therefore better suited to upper level or advanced science classes. Some activities may be done individually in class or at home; others require cooperation by one or more groups of students in order to obtain sufficient data to complete the project. Several interesting activities include simulations, games and puzzles.

Booklets are available for only the cost of envelope and postage (while supplies last). To receive a booklet please send a self-addressed 10" by 13" empty padded or non-tear (Tyvek type) envelope with PRIORITY POSTAGE to:

Penn State Breazeale Reactor
University Park, PA 16802
request: Nuclear Science Activity Booklet.

Note that Priority Postage is $3.00 for up to two pounds sent anywhere in the U.S. (Note that the booklet weighs 1.5 pounds.) The $3.00 postage must be affixed to the envelope and PRIORITY written on the envelope. Check with your local post office for envelope and postage details.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact Candace Davison at the above address or email to CCDNUC@engr.psu.edu


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Other and Misc resources

DOE Clearinghouse for Training, Education and Development
Web-Based Training Sites in the DOE Complex
Commercial Radiation Training Directory
List of Commercial Radiation Safety, Health Physics and Related Courses

Video tapes

SAHCI's Video Tapes
A set of three 15 minute videos
Walter L. Robinson & Associates' Video Series on Radiation Safety
WWW - http://www.pptnet.com/wlrassoc
Radiation Safety training video from Amersham Life Science. The video is aimed at the laboratory use of radioactive materials. The video is about 15 min in duration and covers the important topics. For more information or a preview you can contact any Amersham sales rep or call 1-800-323-9750.
"Working Safely with Radiation: Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation Protection"
Business Training Systems, Inc.
18000 Horizon Way, Suite 300
Mt.Laurel, NJ 08054-4309
Phone: (609) 439-9600
Food and Drug Administration
Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Video Production Studio
1901 Chapman Avenue
Rockville, Maryland 20857
"The Invisible Partner"
Produced by Alcoa
Available from The International Centre for Diffraction Data
12 Campus Blvd., Newtown Square, PA 19073-3273.
You may call them at 610/325-9810. It costs around $500, but can be previewed.
Several Related Videos:
1987 by GP Publishing, Inc.
10650 Hickory Ridge Road
Columbia, MD 21044
(301) 964-6253
Proposed Changes to the NRC Standards for Protection
1986, Radiological Training Services
P.O. Box 288
Burke, VA 22015
(703) 455-3031
Fundamentals of Radiation Safety by John Duley
1986-1987 , Radiological Training Services
P.O. Box 288
Burke, VA 22015
(703) 455-3031*
Risks Associated with Occupational Exposure
50 minutes
1986, Radiological Training Services
P.O. Box 288
Burke, VA 22015
(703) 455-3031
" Key to Contamination Detection, Control and Decon Proc. "
Radiation Safety Series - 3 tapes in all - each about 20-25 minutes
New Dimension Media, Inc.
85803 Lorane Highway
Eugene, Oregon 97405-9408
(503) 484-7125
"Radiation Safety: The Key to Decontamination Procedures"
1992, 18 minutes
The University of Calgary
For information contact: Administration Assistant
Department of Communications Media
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 220-3709


Howard Hughes Medical Institute Videos

HHMI has available as a public service to the scientific community the following laboratory safety training videos. Designed to provide a technical safety review for experienced laboratory workers, and to introduce new staff to good laboratory practices, each video promotes laboratory safety and supplements the formal instruction provided in universities and biomedical research laboratories.

Practicing Safe Science 29 minutes
Safety instruction is presented in a lively and challenging way. Chemical, physical and biological hazards in the molecular biology laboratory are addressed through reenactments of actual laboratory accidents and demonstrations of good safety techniques. A significant message in the video is the importance of good work habits and consideration for others.


Controlling Your Risks: HIV in the Research Laboratory 28 minutes
In a documentary style, this video addresses the basic principles of biological safety. While the program centers around working with live HIV and human blood specimens, the principles discussed and illustrated are equally relevant to protection against transmission of other bloodborne pathogens and infectious microorganisms.


Safety in the Research Laboratory: Set One 30 minutes
This three part video series gives guidance on controlling the hazards associated with common activities that are carried out in the modern biology laboratory. Instructions in safe techniques are provided that can help laboratory workers protect themselves from these hazards. The series is available on three separate cassettes or packaged together as "Set One".
Radionuclides Hazards 12 minutes
. . . features the protocol random primer labeling for southern hybridization. The types of emission and associated hazards of some of the most common radionuclides used in biomedical research, including P-32, H-3, S-35, P-33, and I-125, are reviewed.
Chemical Hazards 10 minutes
. . features the protocols phenol-chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation. The video demonstrates the safety principles that apply to working with hazardous chemicals such as phenol, tris hydrochloride, chloroform, sodium acetate, and ethanol.
Emergency Response 12 minutes
. . . stresses preparation and training. The video addresses fire safety and emergencies involving personal injuries, and includes demonstrations on the proper cleanup of spills involving radioactive materials, chemicals and biological agents.


Centrifugation Hazards 9 minutes
. . . reviews the choices critical to safety that researchers face when centrifuging... which centrifuge? which rotor? which tubes and adapters? what speed and for how long? what level of containment? The video demonstrates safe centrifugation practices.
Chemical Storage Hazards 11 minutes
. . . reviews the basic principles of safe chemical storage. The video addresses organic and inorganic chemicals, acids, bases, flammables, toxics, caustics, oxidizers, and corrosives and offers guidance for storing chemicals safely in a typical research laboratory.


Glassware Washing Hazards 10 minutes
. . . demonstrates skillful glassware washing and sterilization techniques. The video stresses the importance of proper glassware washing to good science, promotes the use of personal protective equipment, and encourages teamwork and good work habits.

Each video is available free of charge by writing to:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Office of Laboratory Safety
4000 Jones Bridge Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-6789
Fax: (301) 215-8828

Please state how you plan to use the video(s) and the scientific areas in which you are working.


Radiological Training Services
call 1-800-222-4716 to ask for a catalog
NUS training Corporation
call (301)-258-1867 to ask for information.


GP Publishing Inc.
10 Basic videos about the story of radiation.
(918) 494-9985.


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The Where is ... and Software list


NOTE: Please read the licenses and comply with them! Shareware is not Freeware.

The Best PC Internet Software/ Freeware/Shareware
The Best PC Internet Software... (Mirror of above site)
WinZip (Window based Zip/unZip program)
PC and Mac Internet Software Source (Two Cows)
Galt Shareware Zone (Even more Software)
PC Portable Document Format (.pdf) and Postscript Language (.ps) readers
More Mac Archives
Internet Services Directory for Mac
Mirror #1
Mirror #2


Health Physics and Science Related
Note: Reviews in the Health Physics Journal of software for use by Health Physicists maybe arranged by contacting :
George J Vargo
E-mail: gj_vargo@ccmail.pnl.gov


Health Physics Analysis Laboratory Analysis programs (LANL)
HP commercial software
Radiological modeling Software
Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC) software funded by the Department of Energy and/or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
MIRDOSE - free internal dose calculation software
Programs at the Radsafe Archive (UIUC)
Mathematical & Other Software (large list on software sites)
Brookhaven National Labs - Programs (BNL)
The Fermilab Software Tools Program (FermiTools)
Research Software Forum (RadEFX)
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (NRC - MELCOR & IFCI code)
NRC's Electronic Exposure Information Systems (REMIT and REIRS)



Nuclear wallet cards, Atomic Masses, Nuclear data (NNDC data base)
Reaction Cross Sections (ISU)

Public Available Info

Jayne Loader's Public Shelter, a CD-ROM Information Archive






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