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History of Radiation Protection

Note: We are always looking for good articles.

Essays and items of interest dealing with the history of radiation protection, radiation and health physics.

Bureau of Atomic Tourism (Atomic Museums)
The First Fifty Years of Radiation Protection by R. Kathren and P. Ziemer
ORAU's Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection
First Half Century of Radiation Protection Timeline
History of Nuclear Regulation 1946-1999
A Brief Chronology of Radiation and Protection by J. Ellsworth Weaver III 1994,1995
X-ray Century, a WWW periodic publication dealing with the History of X-rays
Rolf Sievert
Madame Marie Curie
Radiation Warning Symbol by Paul Frame
Atomic History and the First Reactor (ANL)
A Short History of Nuclear Regulation, 1946-1992
Radioactivity: Historical Figures
Atomic Bomb related photos- Hiroshima, Japan - 1945
Radioactivity: Historical Figures - Glossary
The Discovery of Radioactivity: The Dawn of the Nuclear Age

In 1994, the Health Physics Society produced a calendar for the centennial commemoration of the discovery of X-rays (1885) and Radioactivity (1886). This calendar contained profiles of some of the pioneers in the field of Health Physics and Radiation Science. A special thanks to Paul Frame of ORAU and the other members of the HPS Historical Committee for their work on this calendar. (note: photos will be added as they become available.)

Pioneers in Health Physics Index (Profiles from centennial Calendar at MSU)





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