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Physical Constants and Units

Physical Constants

The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
Table of the Nuclides
Table of Isotopes Atomic Mass


Units and Unit Conversions

Our Glossary of Terms
Planet Earth Home Page has lots of conversions and constants
Washington Department of Transportation has a really useful conversion home page
Weights and Measures
Units Conversion
Nuclear wallet cards, Atomic Masses, Nuclear data (NNDC data base)
Very good Web Periodic Table
Chart of the Nuclides

Other Useful Information

On-line Calculators

SI Prefixes Table
Factor Prefix Symbols   Factor Prefix Symbols
1018 exa E   10-1 deci d
1015 peta P   10-2 centi c
1012 tera T   10-3 milli m
109 giga G   10-6 micro
106 mega M   10-9 nano n
103 kilo k   10-12 pico p
102 hecto h   10-15 femto f
101 deka da   10-18 atto a




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