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Note: Reviews in the Health Physics Journal of software for use by Health Physicists maybe arranged by contacting : George J Vargo E-mail: gj_vargo@ccmail.pnl.gov



Free software links can be found here:
Software is available from these companies:
Canberra Industries
ORNL Software
PC Nuclear Related Programs (ISU)



Aptec-NRC Inc
Address: 125 Titus Avenue
Warrington, PA 18976
Area: Worldwide
Contact: Thomas E. O'Malley
WWW: www.Aptec-NRC.com
E-mail: tomalley@aptec-nrcinc.com
Phone: (215) 343-5900
Fax: (215) 343-3087
Specialty: World leading supplier of Radiation Monitoring Systems, Health Physics instrumentation, Analytical instrumentation, Decontamination/Decommissioning instruments, Nuclear Physics instrumentation, and Military instrumentation.


Aguirre Engineers, Inc.
Address: 6461 Plumcrest Road
Las Vegas, NV 89108
P.O. Box 3814
Englewood, CO 80155-3814
Area: The Earth
Contact: Tom O'Dou, RRPT, CHP
WWW: www.aguirre1.com
E-mail: tom_dixie@msn.com
Phone: 702-395-2814
Fax: 702-395-2824
Specialty: Decontamination/Decommissioning, Turn Key Remediation, Radiological characterization, Radiation Protection Program Assessment, NQA-1 Auditors and Lead Auditors, Radiation Protection Training, Computer software for Health Physics, and Radioactive waste brokering.



AIC Software, Inc.
Address: AIC Sofrware, Inc.
P.O. Box 544
Grafton, MA 01519
Area: World
Contact: Paul Kehler
WWW: http://www.photcoef.com
E-mail: photcoef@aol.com
Phone: 508-839-6779
Fax: 508-839-4853
Specialty: PHOTCOEF, a DOS/WINDOWS program for the calculation of shielding, dose deposition and detector response.



Allied Technology Group
Address: 3310 W. 15th Ave
Kennewick, WA 99337
Area: S.E. Washington State
Contact: Pat Jones
E-mail: lukn4peeps@aol.com
Phone: 509-734-9357
Specialty: Health Physics Technician



Bartlett Services, Inc. and Bartlett Nuclear, Inc.
Address: 60 Industrial Park Road
Plymouth, MA 02362
Area: Western Hemisphere
Contact: Art Desrosiers
Phone: 508-746-6464x300
Fax: 508-830-3616
E-mail: Art@pcix.com
WWW: http://www.bartlettinc.com/
Specialty: Personnel services: radiation protection, decontamination, waste handling, mechanical services, remote monitoring software, decontamination equipment, mobile decon systems, HEPA ventilation systems, laundry services



BNFL Instruments Ltd
Address: Pelham House
Cumbria CA20 1PG
Area: Worldwide
Contact: Dr Paul Read
WWW: http://www.bnflinst.co.uk
E-mail: sales@bnflinst.co.uk
Phone: 44 19467 85000
Fax: 44 19467 85001
Specialty: Standard and bespoke nuclear fuel cycle non-destructive instrumentation and measurement services. Specialists in the measurement of transuranic materials and wastes using combine active a nd passive NDA systems.



Bostock Technologies Inc.
Address: 15 Brazolot Drive,
Ontario, Canada
N1G 4M1
Area: North America
Contact: Ian Bostock
WWW: www3.sympatico.ca/ian.bostock
E-mail: ian.bostock@sympatico.ca
Phone: 519-821-6915
Fax: 519-821-7421
Specialty: Gamma spectroscopy, environmental site monitoring, consulting, verification and validation, custom instrumentation and systems configuration, custom software, analytical software, data base design, radiation safety, training, shielding design, computer simulations.



CoPhysics Corporation
Address: 1242 Route 208
Monroe, NY 10950
Area: US
Contact: Ted Rahon
WWW: http://www.cophysics.com
E-mail: tr@cophysics.com
Phone: 845-783-4402
Fax: 845-783-7191
Specialty: Radiation protection services, Remedial services, Radioactivity analysis and radiation surveys, Instrumentation calibration & repair, Environmental database computer applications, Radioactive and mixed waste minimization programs, assessment and disposal.



Duratek Inc
Address: 1560 Bear Creek Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Area: national/international
Contact: Richard L. Renne
E-mail: rrenne@duratekinc.com
Phone: 865 220-1609
Fax: 865 220-1643
Specialty: radiological waste, incineration, super compaction, metal melt, decontamination, green is clean, decommissioning, instrumentation & calibration, staffing, transportation, source disposal, medical, government, industrial, and reactors.



Eberline Services
Address: Eberline Services
117 Longview Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Area: nationwide
Contact: Craig Stinson
WWW: http://www.eberlineservices.com
E-mail: cstinson@eberlineservices.com
Phone: 505-672-3656
Fax: 505-672-9598
Specialty: With more than 50 years of experience, Eberline Services is one of the nation's most experienced providers of radiological services and the nation's largest radiochemistry laboratory network. We also offer unique capabilities for in situ radiological waste characterization using nondestructive assay methods and our Spectral Non-Destructive Assay Platform (SNAP) analytical tool.



Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC)
ESTSC serves as a repository for and the source from which to purchase software funded by the Department of Energy and/or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
WWW: http://www.doe.gov/html/osti/estsc/estsc.html



Grove Engineering
Products: MicroShield, RadDecay
1700 Rockville Pike
Suite 525
Rockville, MD 20852
phone: 301-231-5137
fax: 301-468-6246
E-mail: TDavis@framatech.com
E-mail: GWorku@framatech.com



Gutierrez-Palmenberg, Inc
Address: 2922 West Clarendon Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85017
Area: US
Contact: Walter Cunningham
WWW: www.gpieng.com
E-mail: walter.c@gpimail.com
Phone: 602-234-0696
Fax: 602-234-0699
Specialty: Hazardous, Mixed and Low Level Radioactive waste remediations, Waste Brokering, Waste Characterization, Waste Tracking and Training



H & H Scientific Consultants Ltd
Address: PO Box MT 27
Leeds LS17 8QP
Unitied Kingdom
Area: Europe and Worldwide
Contact: Dr Donald Hughes
WWW: http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/hhsc/
E-mail: hhsc@dial.pipex.com
Phone: +44 (0) 113 268 7189
Fax: +44 (0) 113 268 7191
Specialty: Publishers of handbooks and lecture outlines, radiation protection, occupational hygiene, safety, ventilation; computer programs for MSDS database and datasheet generation in Europena Union format; distributors for ACGIH and CCOHS



K&S Associates, Inc.
Address: 1926 Elm Tree Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37210-3718
Area: South
Contact: Vivian Denton / Tom Slowey
WWW: www.kslab.com/ks
E-mail: www.ksinfo@kslab.com
Phone: 615-883-9760
Fax: 615-871-0856
Specialty: AAPM Accredited Dosimetry Calibration Lab.,HPS Accredited Instrument Calibration Lab.,Medical Physics Consulting-Diag. & Therapy,Ther. & Diag. Shielding Design Specialist, Ther. & Diag. Custom TLD Services,Therapy MU calculation software



LAURUS Systems, Inc.
Address: 8779 Autumn Hill Dr
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Area: United States
Contact: Laura Lynch
WWW: http://www.LaurusSystems.com
E-mail: lauralynch@LaurusSystems.com
Phone: 410-465-5558
Fax: 410-465-5257
Specialty: Sales and service of radiation detection instruments including: Electronic Dosimeters, survey meters and area monitors. Sales of Site-Wise, GEDDS, Access Control, VSDS-Survey Mapping Software and Health Physics training software.



Matrix Group, Inc.
Address: 308 Woodland Trace
Knoxville, TN 37922
Area: US
Contact: Glenn Murphy, CHP
E-mail: tmginc@icx.net
Phone: 865-777-4679
Specialty: Provide administrative and technical support in the areas of internal and external dosimetry, training, operational and environmental health physics, and site characterization planning and surveys.



MJW Corporation
Address: 338 Harris Hill Road, Suite 208
Williamsville, NY 14221 (Buffalo area)
Area: Global
Contact: Bill Thieben
WWW: http://www.mjwcorp.com
E-mail: bthieben@mjwcorp.com
Phone: 315-457-9300
Fax: 315-457-9445
Specialty: MJW offers a complete suite of real time radiation monitoring, paperless survey, interactive video tours, access control, health physics, dose management, and various health physics and instrumentation products, including inventory and calibration programs.



NFS-Radiation Protection Systems, Inc. (NFS-RPS)
WWW: http://WWW.nfsrps.com/aboutus.html
10 Vista Drive, Old Lyme, CT 06385 - Phone: (860) 434-0660
1217 Carolina Avenue, Erwin, TN 37650 - Phone: (423) 743-6679



NORM-Rad Services
Address: NORM-Rad Services
14119 Briarsage Court
Houston, Texas
Area: Texas
Contact: David Norman
WWW: http://www.flash.net/~dnorman1
E-mail: dnorman1@flash.net
Phone: 281-870-9635
Fax: 281-596-8785
Specialty: Consulting,writing and auditing radiation safety procedures and programs. Radiation safety training for oil well logging and tracer studies. Teaching radiation safety classes and producing safety classes on CD's.



PerkinElmer Instruments - ORTEC
801 S. Illinois Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
Area: World Wide
Contact: Richard Bly
WWW: www.ortec-online.com
E-mail: info_ortec@perkinelmer.com
Phone: 800-251-9750
Fax: 865 483-0396
Specialty: Complete gamma and alpha spectroscopy packages; Ge and Si detectors; Multichannel Analyzers; Nuclide Specific Monitoring, Tritium Monitoring and Sampling.



Perma-Fix Environmental Services
Address: 1940 N.W. 67th Place
Gainesville, Florida 32653
Area: United States and territories
Contact: Bernhardt (Ben) C. Warren
WWW: www.perma-fix.com
E-mail: floridasales@perma-fix.com
Phone: 352-373-6066
Fax: 352-372-8963
Specialty: Hazardous, mixed and low-level radioactive waste disposal services, including software development, meter calibration, consulting and training. Our North Florida facility has processed more than 1.5 million cu. ft. of materials since startup in 1983. Please visit our Web site or call our RSO for more information.



Princeton Gamma-Tech, Inc.
Address: C/N 863
Princeton, NJ 08542-00863
Area: world-wide
Contact: Paul Quayle
WWW: www.pgt.com/Nuclear
E-mail: nuclearsales@pgt.com, aroberts@pgt.com
Phone: 800-980-9284, 865-482-1665
Fax: 865-482-6253
Specialty: Nuclear Instrumentation, Multichannel Analyzers, Portable Multichannel Analyzers, HPGe, Si(Li)and NaI Detectors, Windows Based MCA and Analytical Software, Custom Systems for Radiation Detection


Address: 6461 Plumcrest Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
Area: The Earth
Contact: Tom O'Dou
E-mail: tom_dixie@msn.com
Phone: 702-395-2814
Fax: 702-395-2824
Specialty: HPEXAM for Windows 95, Radiation Protection Sotware for PCs, and Radiation Protection Services



Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors UK Ltd
Address: Bath Road
Beenham, READING
Berkshire, RG7 5PR
Area: Worldwide
Contact: Daren Allder
WWW: http://www.cduk.saint-gobain.com
E-mail: info@cduk.saint-gobain.com
Phone: (+44) 118 971 2121
Fax: (+44) 118 971 2835
Specialty: Portable and installed radiation monitors, radiological instruments, TLD and track-etch systems, Radon monitoring, Calibration and Service facilities.



Address: 440 West Broadway
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Area: Nationwide and International
Contact: Jeff Bradford, P.E.
WWW: www.scientech.com
E-mail: jbradford@scientech.com
Phone: (208) 529-1000
Fax: (208) 524-9282
Specialty: Radiological services including: radiological assessments, licensing support, decontamination and decommissioning, and waste management provided from 22 offices nationwide and in 7 countries.



Syberad Limited
WWW: http://fp.syberad.plus.com
Specialty: Syberad markets a software application for radiation protection professionals and students.The application is designed for radiation protection professionals who need a convenient and easy-to-use software tool for obtaining information about radionuclides (there are 2800 in the database), radiation and dosimetric quantities, radiation physics and for completing all manner of calculations such as dose rates and shielding performance.



University of New York - Dept. of Nuclear Medicine
Address: University of New York
Dept. of Nuclear Medicine
105 Parker Hall
3435 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14214
Area: Nuclear Medicine
Contact: Bill Quain
E-mail: bill@nucmed.buffalo.edu
Phone: 716-838-5889
Fax: 716-838-4918
Specialty: Nuclear Medicine Health Physics



World-Wise Services
Address: 400 Melvin Drive
North Syracuse NY 13212
Area: North America
Contact: Bill Thieben
WWW: http://www.wws.org
E-mail: radinfo@wws.org
Phone: 315-457-9300
Fax: 315-457-9445
Specialty: Radiation safety and industrial hygiene instruments, software, and consulting services for the nuclear, nuclear medicine, petro chemical, manufacturing, recycling, and security industries.



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