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Courses in Health Physics, Radiation Safety and Related Areas

This is an experimental list, in which we will try to list inks to short courses being offered. Expect this to change, perhaps becoming automated. If you have a course that has a web page, you can have us put it on the list here by sending an e-mail to us at hpsweb@umich.edu. Expect a few weeks delay in our processing it.

Providers and list of Courses

CSI - Radiation Safety Training
Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. - Radiation Safety Officer, Gamma Spectroscopy, Radiation Instruments, Environmental Radiochemistry, NRRPT Exam Review, Transportation of Radioactive Materials
Radiological Assessments Corporation (RAC)
Technical Management Services - Advanced Radiation Detection and Measurement, Air Monitoring in the Workplace, Applied Alpha Spectroscopy, Beta Skin Dose and Hot Particle Control, Calibration of Nuclear Instruments, Decontamination and Decommissioning of DOE and NRC Regulated Facilities, Effective ALARA Programs, Effective Communications and Presentations, Effective Contamination Control, Effective Implementation of 10CFR20, Effluent and Environmental Monitoring, Error Propagation in Radiochemical Analysis, External Radiation Dosimetry, Fundamentals of Radiation Biology, Fundamentals of Radiation Safety, Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, Health Physics for Uranium Users, How To Write Effective HP Procedures, HP Survey Instrument Calibration and Selection, Implementation of the DOE Radiological Control Manual, Improving HP Audits and Appraisals, Internal Dose Assessment, ISO 9000 Certification Workshop, Laboratory Radiochemistry, Neutron Detection and Spectroscopy, Nuclear Criticality Safety, Onsite Storage of Low-Level Radioactive Waste, Prepare For and Pass the ABHP Exam, Prepare For and Pass the NRRPT Exam, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Preparing For Radiation Litigation, Radiation Protection for Biomedical Research, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Radioactive Sample Analysis, Team Leadership and Empowerment, Transportation and Packaging of Radioactive Materials, Whole Body Counting


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Educational Resources





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