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Finding Persons, Companies and Places


To find someone, a company or information on a location using the Internet is not always easy. Here are some ideas and links that might help.

Find People
Find Companies
Find Places, plus Geographical, Census and Postal Information
Other Ideas


Our E-mail Directory
Other E-mail Directories
People on the Net - Great listing
People on the WWW Search Engine (whowhere)
White Page search engine (SwitchBoard)
White Page search engine (Lookup USA)
Microsoft's "Find" Center (People, businesses and more)
Congressional Info

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Our Radiation Related Commercial Directory
White pages search engine (Switchboard)
Companies and organizations on the web search engine (whowhere)
White Page search engine (Lookup USA)
AT & T 800 Directory via WWW
Microsoft's "Find" Center (People, businesses and more)

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Places and Addresses

MapQuest - An amazing map site
Yahoo! Maps. Never get lost again, with Yahoo! Maps, users can download a detailed map of any area in the U.S. by simply entering a legitimate street address. Once loaded, the map can be explored in any direction with the use of icons marked North, South, East, and West.
US Census Bureau Data Access Tools (maps, census info, etc)
US Census Bureau
US Census Bureau Maps of the US (with TONS of state, county info!)
ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
Area Code Lookup (US)
Country Codes (ISO 1366)
City/Zip Code Lookup (with geography info)
Postal Abbreviations
Time around the world
1995 World Factbook from CIA WWW Server
Currency Conversions
US Postal Service
United Parcel Service
Federal Express
Microsoft's "Find" Center (People, businesses and more)

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Other Ideas and Search Engines

Search Multiple lists at All-in-1 Search Page (requires forms browser)
Net Search (Large list of Search Engines at Netscape)
Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory!
Best Educational Sites Today (Educational Resource Search Engine)
Infoseek Guide
DEC's Alta Vista Search
Starting Point (Another good search engine)
Microsoft's "Find" Center (People, businesses and more)

Finding people at universities and companies can often be done by going to their home page and using the usual personal directories found there. Their URL will often looks like - http://www.umich.edu/, where the umich is the name/initials of the univeristy or company, and the three letter end stands for: .edu educational institutions, .com commercial sites and .gov government sites.

So, a good guess at finding MicroSoft would be: http://www.microsoft.com

and the FDA: http://www.fda.gov

Reference Shelves
John Marshall Law School
Karolinska Institute
Nova Southeastern University
Purdue University
Webster's Dictionary with Hypertext Links
Weights and Measures
Units Conversion

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