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Radiation Related Employment

Our Job Postings/List

We will keep a posting active for 60 days, then remove it from our listing, unless asked to remove it earlier or to keep it current longer. The complete list will be updated several times a month, and maybe expanded in the future. The jobs will be listed chronologically based on when we receive the posting. Sorry, but we do not have the time or space to list resumes.

Check out the Radiation and Health Physics WWW site Job Listing (UofMich)

To submit a job opening, please use the Job Registration Form

You can also use our comment form or e-mail address found there. If you posted the job on RadSafe, then you will not need to re-send it to us if it has a deadline more than two weeks from when we see it.


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Afftrex, Ltd.

Bruce Busby's new Job listings

Greg Sackett's Employment listing (Great list of places to look for HP jobs!)

Radiation Related Job Listing

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission provides vacancy announcements through a menu-driven Smart Line. The phone number is 1-800-952-9678.

IAEA Vacancy Listing

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

The Internet Pilot To Physics (TIPTOP) job electronic bulletin board

Emergency Management - FEMA


Internet Job Search

America's Job Bank

The Job Trak

Job postings from major newspapers

Saudi Arabia Radiologic Jobs Web Page

Another listing of job web sites

Federal Job listings

All Federal Jobs
Job Opportunities with VA
Other Federal Job Opportunities (middle of page)
U.S. Federal Government Agencies
Club Fed with job listings






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