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Health Physics Society


Visit the Official Health Physics Society Web Site

The Health Physics Society (HPS) was formed in 1956 and is chartered in the United States as a non-profit scientific organization, and as such it is not affiliated with any governmental or industrial organization.

Purpose and Goals

The HPS is a professional organization dedicated to the development, dissemination, and application of both the scientific knowledge of, and the practical means for, radiation protection. The objective of the HPS is the protection of people and the environment from unnecessary exposure to radiation. The HPS is thus concerned with understanding, evaluating and controlling the risks from radiation exposure relative to the benefits derived. (From the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws of the HPS; Article II, section 1)


Membership of the HPS

The current membership in the HPS numbers over 6,800 and includes professionals, representatives of all scientific and technical areas related to radiation protection drawn form academia, government, medical institutions, research laboratories and industry from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. The HPS has more than 350 members in nearly 50 foreign counties.


Local Chapters

There are 48 local Chapters of the HPS

The HPS Web Site has a list of them with contact information.


How to Contact the HPS

Membership questions:

Richard J. Burk, jr. Executive Secretary
Health Physics Society
1313 Dolley Madison Blvd
Suite 402
McLean, Virginia 22101
Phone: (703)-790-1745
FAX : (703)-790-9063
Email : hps@burkinc.com

Administrative Services:

HPS Administrative Services
1313 Dolley Madison Blvd
Suite 402
McLean, Virginia 22101
Phone: (703)-790-1745
FAX : (703)-790-2672
Email : hps@burkinc.com


Information on the Health Physics Journal

Information on the ABHP

Information on the CRCPD

The Health Physics Journal


Health Physics Journal Contents Index

Health Physics (ISSN 0017-9078) is the Official Journal of the Health Physics Society and is published monthly by:

Williams and Wilkins

428 East Preston Street Baltimore, MD 21202-3993
Phone: 1-800-882-0483 (U.S.and Canada) 410-528-8555 (Other countries)

For more information, try the HP Journal WWW site at Williams and Wilkins

Ken Miller, Editor - kmiller@xray.hmc.psu.edu


If you have a problem with your subscription, call 1-800-638-6423


Address changes for members should be sent to the HPS office at:

E-mail (perferred):


or regular mail:

HPS 1313 Dolley Madison Blvd. Suite 402 McLean, VA 22102

Address changes for non-members should be sent to:

Health Physics 428 East Preston Street Baltimore, MD 21202-3993

Back issues of the Journal can be ordered from:

Pergamon Press, Inc. 395 Saw Mill Road, Elmford, NY 10523

or for issues after Vol 62 from Williams and Wilkins (see above)

Note: Reprints of articles by permission of the authors only.

Photocopying information is included in the front of each Journal, as well as submission and advertising instructions.

The Journal is indexed on the following databases/abstract listings:

Current Contents (Life Sciences, Science Citation Index, SciSearch Database, ISI/Biomed, Research Alert), BIOSIS, Index Medicus, MEDLINE, Excerpta Medica, Chem. Abstr., WRC Info, Environ. Per. Bibl., Cancer Journals and Serials, Applied Health Phys. Abstr., Aqualine Abstr., CABS, Energy Res. Abstr., Congress. Info. Serv. Index, ASSIA, Cambridge Scientific Service, PASCAL-CNRS Database, and Energy Database

Complete indexing available with commercial software Quest, edited by Bill Schadt,
WWW: http://www.chammp.com


Information on the Health Physics Society

Information on the ABHP

Information on the CRCPD




The American Board of Health Physicists (ABHP) was established to develop standards and procedures, to examine candidates, and to issue written proof of certification to individuals who have satisfied the requirements established by the Board. The board was temporarily established in 1958 and formally in 1959. The Board consists of eight members, each serving a five year term. Typically, six are from the health physics community, one from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and one from the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors.

For more informaiton on ABHP, certification, Certified Health Physicists, CHP exams, or the AAHP, try the American Academy of Health Physics web site(AAHP).


Information on the Health Physics Journal

Information on the Health Physics Society

Information on the CRCPD



CRCPD Web Site

The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. (CRCPD) is a US based nonprofit professional organization made up of individuals in state and local government who regulate and control the use of radiation sources, and of individuals, regardless of employer affiliation, who have expressed an interest in radiation protection. The CRCPD was formed in 1968.


As stated in the Constitution of the CRCPD, the objectives and purpose of the organization are:

  1. to promote radiological health in all aspects and phases,
  2. to encourage and promote cooperative enforcement programs with federal agencies and between related enforcement agencies within each state,
  3. to encourage the interchange of experience among radiation control programs,
  4. to collect and make accessible to the membership of the CRCPD such information and data as might be of assistance to them in the proper fulfillment of their duties,
  5. to promote and foster uniformity of radiation control laws and regulations,
  6. to encourage and support programs which will contribute to radiation control for all,
  7. to assist the membership in their technical work and development, and
  8. to exercise leadership with radiation control professionals and consumers in radiation control development and action.


There are six classes of membership within the CRCPD. These are:

  1. Member (Voting)
  2. Associate Member
  3. Emeritus Member
  4. Honorary Member
  5. International Member
  6. Affiliate Member

Working Groups

The major technical work of the CRCPD is accomplished through various committees and task forces. Within the CRCPD, there may be 50 or more groups working on specific projects. Other work can be broadly categorized in the areas of:

  1. Healing Arts - activities to promote the safe and efficacious use of medical and dental x-ray, and x-ray inspector qualifications,
  2. Environmental Nuclear - radon, waste, NORM, emergency planning, ELF, EMF, D&D, bonding and surety,
  3. General Radiation Protection - measurement and control of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

Annual Meeting

Another activity of the CRCPD is its annual meeting, which addresses major radiation protection issues of current interest. Participants include staff from state and local radiation control programs, individuals from Federal agencies responsible for radiation protection, representative from various professional associations, industry, and individuals from the general public. 

More information


CRCPD/OED 205 Capital Avenue Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 Phone - (502) 227 - 4543 Fax - (502) 227 - 7862 (Business hours 8 am to 4:30 pm EST )

Or CRCPD Web Site


Information on the Health Physics Journal

Information on the Health Physics Society

Information on the ABHP







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