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Professional Resources

Chart of the Nuclides

National Nuclear Data Center

Radioactive Decay Calculator - U. of Illinois U.C.

Radioactivity Unit Converter - U. of Illinois U.C.

Sanitary Sewer Discharge Limits Calculater - U. of Illinois U.C.

CAP88-PC software overestimates tritium doses
Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register Online
Commercial Directory
D&D, Disposal, Reuse and Recycle Radioactive Material
Educational Resources
E-Mail Listing of Professionals in the Radiation Sciences -->Feel free to add your own name to the list!
Federal Y2K Biomedical Equipment Status Database - FDA
**Job and Employment Section**
Health Physics Journal
Index of Radioactive Sealed Sources and Devices (by Manufacturer and Model Number)
Labor Market Trends For Health Physicists Through 2000
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Links
Inspection Manual
Reference Library
Reg Guides
Orphaned Sources Initiative
Orphaned Sources Initiative Homepage - EPA
U.S. Standards - EPA/NRC
DOE National Recycle Program
DOE Recycle 2000
Off-Site Source Recovery, U.S. DOE
Publishers-Books, Journals, etc
Radiation Safety Offices
Radiological and Radiation Modeling
U.S. Federal Regulators and Information
U.S. Government Agencies
Regulations, Codes, Orders, Standards and Laws
State Regulators and Information
Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Safety and Health Topics- Radiation






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