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Please submit your job postings here. This is for employers looking for personnel in radiation related fields. Listings are updated weekly so it will take up to a week for us to post these jobs, please check over the listing after that to ensure it looks the way you wish it, and sumbit changes to us if needed. Note, this is not for resumes.

To use the form below, you must have a viewer that is "form capable", like Netscape 1.0 or Mosaic 2.06 or later. Also, we can be contacted by e-mail at the University of Michigan using our comment form.



Enter the requested information and press the "SEND" button at the bottom of the page. You can TAB between fields. Feel free to enter comments in the comment box under your posting.

Note: We are using a standard listing style, and will only use the infomation below for your listing due to size and time restrictions.


Enter today's date as: DD MON YR:

Enter your name as: First name Last name

Enter your position or title:

Enter your e-mail address:

Enter your phone number with all prefixes:

Pick a general description of the position:

What city::

What state or territory is the job in:

What country is the job in:

Enter the job listing in the box, as you wish it to be posted.


Requirements and Other Information:

To Apply:


Check back in a week or so to make sure your information was entered correctly

Thank you for your listing.


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