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ARAC - Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability (useful for mapping the probable spread of contamination)
CAMEO - Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations (for planning and response to chemical emergencies)
CAP-88PC - "...used for calculating dose and risk from annual average releases of radionuclide to the air."
CARI-6 - "...calculates the effective dose of galactic cosmic radiation received by an individual on an aircraft..."
COMPLY - "...for evaluating radiation exposure from atmospheric releases of radionuclides."
Dose Assessment (NRC) - to support the Final Rule on License Termination
GENII - environmental radiation dosimetry software
Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability
Hotspot - "for evaluating incidents involving radioactive material"
ISC-3 - EPA's Industrial Source Code (atmospheric dispersion modeling)
Isotope Explorer - nuclear structure and decay data
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Analyzer
PRESTO - "A computer model for evaluating radiation exposure from the disposal of low-level radioactive waste."
RadCalc - waste shipment software
RadDecay - "...provides radioactive decay information for 497 radionuclides."
REMIT - "...facilitates the entry of NRC Form 5 data into dBASE compatible data base files."
RESRAD - "...for the evaluation of radioactively contaminated sites."
SRIM - "This package contains programs to calculate the energy loss of ions in solids, liquids, and gases."






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