Festifall happens in the Fall, and it is the biggest University-wide "recruiting session". (Almost) Every single organization on campus is out in the Diag letting everyone know what they're all about, and invite students to come to the organization's meeting.

This is what Alianza's spot looked like:

That's Abby, letting everyone know what we're all about. Her secondary job is to make sure that the boombox is playing the latest in Latino music.

As you can see, we're all about having fun. Abby pulled Edith out for a quick dance. You too can look for us, and request your own personal lesson.

This is Aide. She's stopping by the Alianza table, because she knows she's guaranteed a good time there.

(From left to right) Misty, Margarita, Lucy, Alice, and Veronica at Spring Welcome Day 1998 at the Union. This is another very important event to let others know what Alianza's all about.

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