ALIANZA meets every single Tuesday in the Michigan Union. This is a place where you can meet with other Latina/o students, bond, talk about politics, practice some Spanish if you'd like, as well as plan events that are crucial to the cultural, social, political, and academic well-being to us as students. But most importantly, here at Alianza, you WILL make friendships that will last a lifetime. We welcome everyone, regardless of their ethnic background. So, if this sounds like an organization that appeals to you, check us out!!

You will always be greeted by a friendly, smiling face at our meetings. Our main goal is to make everyone feel welcomed.

As many times as our budget allows, we try to provide refreshments at our meeting. We know that as college students, one is always looking for something to call "dinner". Did I mention that our membership is FREE?!

Public displays of affection are encouraged at our meetings. Here we see Diana welcoming Aide to one of our weekly meetings. YOU TOO can receive the traditional "Alianza hug" from any one of out members.

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