Did somebody say, march?!

Especially within the institution of the University, we find ourselves constantly fighting for our rights. This particualr rally and march is that of Indigenous People's Day. This is celebrated in conjunction with Columbus Day. Instead of "celebrating the discovery of America", we have re-claimed this day in rememberance for the indigenous people that fought for their right to live.

Here we see several students rallying in the Diag. Present were representatives from countless University student organizations. The main organizers behind this event are the Native American Student Association, the Black Student Union, as well as Alianza.

The Treetown Singers were also present to stand in solidarity. The group includes community members as well as students of U of M, and EMU.

On the storm to the Administration Building!! This is the best area on campus to get people's attention. As it is where the President's Office is, you can bet that any raucous going on outside will not go unnoticed.

(Just close the window when you're done, to get back to the other categories.)