uh, What Dance?!

Pertinent to every college person's success is the inclusion of at least a couple of social events, also known as "parties". Here we see a few of our members out socializing and having a good time. This activity is imperative in the bonding and getting-to-know-each-other process.

Jammin' (from right to left) are Margarita, Misty, Will, Veronica, and Lucy. Comparing moves on the dance floor is always fun!

Again, we see Abby and Edith showing their stuff at Festifall. Anywhere you roll with these two women, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

And here they are smiling for the camera...

The Latino Leadership Awards have become an annual tradition on campus. Sponsored by the Latino Task Force, it is a night to go out on the town and of course, the dress is semi-formal. Here we see several students being recognized by Katalina Berdy.

The Awards night gives us an opportunity to chill out with those who are dearest to us, give them their congradulations on culminating another successful year, and once again...enjoy the dancing! Pictured are Lucy, Edith, Alice, Cynthia, Veronica, and Margarita.

Everyone having a great time at Juan Sauceda's sister's Quinceañera. The saying, "the more the merrier" has truly been proven this night in particular. Here we took a drive to Jackson, MI along with members from several other student organizations. (Mr. Sauceda was quite active on campus...)

Again, at the same party, people posing for the camera. We see Veronica, Maurice, Lucy, Juan, Margarita, and Misty. Can we say cheeez?!

(Just close the window when you're done, to get back to the other categories.)