Black Comedy

A Play by Peter Schaffer, Directed by Michelle Weiss

What's this play about?: Black Comedy is a play about the images we project and the ways they disintegrate. It is also the hilarious story of the worst night of Brindsley Miller's life. All he wanted was to sell some art to the richest man in the world (who happens to be stone deaf) and impress his fiancee's father! Instead, the power goes out, the neighbors crash the party, his ex-lover comes home and disaster strikes. Will he go to pieces? Find out! Performances are April 6th and 7th (Easter weekend)

ROLES: 5 male/ 3 female

  • Brindsley - young artist, nervous
  • Carol - his debutante fiancee
  • Colonel melkett - her military father
  • Miss Furnival - The repressed upstairs neighbor
  • Harold Gorringe - the eccentric antiques collecting across the hall neighbor
  • Clea - also an artist, Brindsley's ex-lover
  • Schuppanzigh - the electrician (German accent)
  • Georg Bamberger - the richest man in the world (who collects art and is stone deaf) (German accent)

Contact: Michelle Weiss