August Guilt

Written by Jacob Levi Stroud, Directed by Amanda Cohen

  • AUDITION DATES: Thursday, February 9th: 7-9 p.m. in room A03, East Quad Friday, February 10th: 7-9 pm in room A03, East Quad
  • CALLBACKS : Saturday, February 11th , 4-6 pm: in room A03, East Quad

Note: if neither audition dates nor the callback date work for you, please contact the director for an alternative time to audition.

  • REHEARSALS: 3-4 times a week beginning with a read through on Monday February 13th. Rehearsal schedule flexible to the needs of the cast.
  • SHOW DATES: Tech dates: Sunday, March 18th- Thursday, March 22nd Shows: Friday, March 23rd - Sunday, March 25th, Keene Theater

PLAY SYNOPSIS What makes a person good? What makes a person bad? Do the misdeeds in someoneís personal life render their public actions worthless; render them guilty? These questions all resonate within our society, some of the greatest public figures in our history possessing the worst personal characteristics. In the new play, August Guilt, this is magnetized as the audience gets a glimpse of the difference between being a good person and a good character. The play is centered on a family whose patriarch has just expired. Though he was a respected pastor and politician, the family who has survived him knows a very different version of the man than what was portrayed to the public. Throughout the play, the true man is revealed, and with the revelation of these secrets, comes the exposing of the underbelly of the entire family. Though this play may have deep content for actors and audience alike, it is infused with comedy, surrealism and southern charm that add a whimsical, entertaining touch.


  • Kid- (20) has yet to break free from being merely an average, nice boy
  • Mrs. Guilt- (~45) a woman who possesses sweet charm and sternness,balances the two sides
  • Katie- (15) sheltered and self- absorbed. Acts younger than her age
  • Guilt- (~45) dominant, boisterous, masculine, intimidating, and comedic, smooth at times, and at other times frightening
  • Judy Nassel- (~45) Nosy and intrusive but with Southern Charm
  • Jenny- (~20) Kidís sexually mature girlfriend
  • Boy- older than Katie, a sexual threat
  • Grant Nassel (~40)- small and easily dominated

    Please bring a resume (headshots not necessary though welcome). For auditions please prepare a contemporary dramatic monologue, and for callbacks, please prepared to read from sides that will be provided on the day of.