Board Resources

The RCP Board meets once a week. This semester (Winter 2010), the meetings are at 9 PM in A03 (basement of East Quad). Anyone can join the board just by coming to the meetings. You can be on the board without being an officer!

Board Positions


Harrison Lott

Harrison is a sophomore from Cincinatti. He never sent Ross a bio, so Ross is just writing random things he knows about Harrison. He (Harrison) is a pretty cool dude. If you have any questions you can reach him at

Vice President

Tina Munoz-Pandya

Tina is a Sophomore in the RC studying Drama and Women’s studies, so naturally, she’s looking forward to being fully employed and NOT living in a box after college. When she’s not busy walking around East Quad shoeless, you can probably find her rehearsing for multiple shows at once in directorial, performance, dance, and vocal capacities. So far, with the RC Players, she has kept a relatively strong track record of playing sluts. She doesn’t know what this says about her as a person, but for now she’s happy to sauce it up. For the craft, of course! She is a self-professed Shakespeare and Sondheim nerd, meaning she has lots of friends and can totally carry on a normal conversation without mentioning them. Originally from the DC area, she thoroughly enjoys answering the question “Do you know Obama?” If you want to know the answer or have any other questions, you can email her if you have any questions.


Rayna Caskey

RRayna is a sophomore She watches a lot of TV but she’ll still be your friend. Fun Fact 1: She has high hopes that she and Tina will construct, finance, and live in a cardboard box subdivision after college. Fun Fact 2: Her brother, Johnny Hannigan, grew up in Brooklyn. Fun Fact 3: Rayna was born in Alaska where her namesake, Floy, lived. If you wanted, you could apply the premise of 2 Truths and a Lie to the tweet length stories she’s mentioned. Or maybe it’s all a bit. As treasurer Rayna frequently takes trips to the Union with other people's receipts and monies. She really likes the RC Players. You can reach her at if you have any questions.

Secretary & Email Correspondent

Jonathon FitzGerald

HJonathon is a Junior majoring in History and minoring in French. He also plans on getting a teaching certificate through the School of Education where he will have to wake up for 7:00 AM classes. Besides hating sleep, Jon has directed, acted, and produced several RC Players productions where he has made some of his best friends. Among his favorites being the always random 24-hour Theatre productions. On his down time (Which won't exist), Jon checks his email every two minutes, sings randomly, and tries to take naps. If you have any questions you can contact him at href="">

Historian & Webmaster

Ross Warman

Ross is a freshman majoring in Screen Arts and Culture and English. His RCP roles include Wilhelm the German Giant in Evening of Scenes and Max in The Real Thing. Besides RCP, Ross enjoys writing for the Gargoyle magazine and overeating. He is in charge of maintaining both the website and historical records. If you have questions, just shine the Webmaster Signal in the sky or email him at